I met Nick in a shady alley. Even though I’ve seen him once before and it was dark, I was pretty sure he was wearing a wig. “You’re that bloke from Spotter Up”, he said in a very fake Dutch accent.   Ok, it didn’t quite happen that way. But the release of Degenerate Cigar brand has been eagerly awaited and we have teased you long enough with videos, photos, and podcasts.

I met with Nick and Danny, and have been talking to Sawyer for some time. Somehow when you mention “degenerate”, people who know always assume the 75th Ranger Regiment, and Article 15’s. Ok, mostly the Regiment. True to the stereotype of making things great in an outside-the-box way, two of the Degenerate’s five men crew, are Rangers. Maybe that’s why we hit it off so well, because in bringing their cigars to production the boys really embraced the Spotter Up motto of “Find a Way, or Make One.”

Degenerate Cigars – Perfection Takes Time

They had to change suppliers, makers, and hop through many government regulations to make this a truly unique and quality product. Aside from designing and making cool things, the guys gave me a few lessons on how to properly pick and enjoy a cigar. Many of us get hooked on smoking in the Military, and there is no shortage of cigar clubs across the deployed areas.

They offer camaraderie, support, a way to relax and unwind, and are backed by the support of awesome organizations like Cigars For Warriors, and many businesses and manufacturers which contribute to that mission. That fact of continued support and giving back is not lost on Degenerate Cigars. Every blend purchased benefits a dedicated non-profit. They include The Darby Project, The Green Beret Foundation, and the Three Rangers Foundation.

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Photos courtesy of Spotter Up