When I accepted my current position I also accepted a new uniform that is somewhat paramilitary. It combines a military style dress with cargo pants. The resulting effect is not a lot of opportunities to comfortably carry a gun. For a short time, I went to carrying off-body in my constant companion laptop bag. That is until I discovered the Desantis Cargo pocket holster.

Desantis Cargo Pocket Holster | The Office Thigh Rig

I just happened to stumble across it via Amazon one lucky day and decided immediately I had to at least try it. A couple clicks later and one was en route for my Walther PPS. The Nemesis Cargo pocket holster is similar to the standard Nemesis pocket holster and made from the same ‘Sticky” material. This material acts like a checkered grip that allows the holster to grab the inside of your cargo pocket. This keeps the gun and holster from bouncing around, or really moving at all.

The Office Thigh Rig – The Desantis Cargo Pocket Holster

I wear this holster solely at work and at work I’m tasked with a wide variety of different tasks. Some days it can be quite sedentary, other days I could be climbing up and down all manner of trucks, trailers, and towers. In several situations, I’ve been in precarious positions where if my gun shifted just right it could easily fall out of the holster, or the holster and gun could have all gone tumbling down. However, the gun has never fallen out, and neither has the holster.

Desantis Cargo Pocket Holster | The Office Thigh Rig


The Desantis Cargo pocket holster and gun are secured all day, and never slides back and forth, or up and down. The holster is obviously quite wide and designed to fit the majority of standard cargo pockets. The only pants it reportedly doesn’t fit well is certain 5.11 cargo pants. It fills out my cargo pockets perfectly. The extra room needed to fit the holster to cargo pants isn’t wasted. It gives a small slot to carry an extra magazine for your weapon.

Easy Access

The Walther PPS sits firmly in the holster but presents itself for easy access. The Desantis Cargo Pocket Holster rides almost like a thigh rig. It sits naturally where the hand can easily reach it. I have easy access to my firearm sitting, standing, and even from the ground. When drawn, the holster stays put and in the pocket. Reholstering is much simpler than a regular pocket holster.

Desantis Cargo Pocket Holster | The Office Thigh Rig
Easy to reach and access


Comfort wise it’s extraordinary. Unlike other thigh style holsters, there is no chafing. The holster rides well, and sit comfortably and has never caused discomfort.


According to when I ordered this holster I’ve been using it for over 7 months. That’s daily carry, 5 to 7 days a week for at least 8 hours a day. The holster still functions great, still looks good, and is still comfortable. The Desantis Cargo pocket holster is an excellent addition, an office thigh rig if you will.