Desantis is a legend is the holster business and plenty Loadout Room Writers love and appreciate the gear they make. I’m a huge fan of the Desantis DSD rig, but that rig is really an oddity. They produce much more traditional holsters for both duty and concealed carry. The new 2019 lineup shows that Desantis is certainly looking at all angles of the holster market. Here are a few of my favorite new Desantis holsters.

The Inner Piece

This is the perfect name for a deep concealment holster. The Inner Piece is designed to be an affordable holster that’s designed for appendix carry. Its also designed to maximize comfort. The Inner Piece is made from padded ballistic nylon that is quite comfortable and very soft. It’s lightweight and uses a single clip adjustable for cant and height. The Inner Piece also allows you to carry an extra magazine, and the Inner Piece fits over 60 different guns. This is unique when it comes to Desantis Holsters, but is certainly a worthy entry.


The FLETC 2.0 is a collaboration between the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and Desantis Holsters. This holster is designed for the snub nose revolver, and the FLETC series incorporates both a speed strip holder and a speed loader holder. The FLETC 2.0 holds the gun very tight to the body and aids in easy and comfortable concealment. Revolvers are old school, and so is leather, but the FLETC 2.0 is a modern take on the classic leather design. Plus, when it comes to just pure looks you can’t beat leather holsters and a revolver.

Desantis Holsters 2019 Line-up

The Intruder 2.0

The Intruder 2.0 from Desantis Holsters is a multi-fit holster designed for both IWB and OWB carry. The end user can swap between either method of carry in about 5 minutes. This is a hybrid holster that uses a polymer shell and a steer hide backing. The Intruder 2.0 is a tuckable holster in its IWB configuration and the user can set the angle and cant of the holster.

Desantis Holsters 2019 Line-up

The Variable 13

The Variable 13 is a deep concealment OWB holster. It clings extremely tight to the body and the design can be swapped from left to right-handed configurations. The holster is made from premium saddle leather and the holster can be adjusted for cant and tension. The Variable 13 is a very sexy design and the leather work is absolutely amazing. It’s almost a shame to conceal it.

Desantis Holsters 2019 Line-up

The Kurz Shotgun Case

The best part about being the writer of this article is when I say Desantis Holsters I can take that lightly and do what I want. The Kurz Shotgun Case is not a holster, but a scabbard or case designed for my favorite ultra short shotguns. These are designed for the Tac 14, Shockwave, and other similar short shotguns. This scabbard is extremely high quality and looks like a very old school leather scabbard. On the outside is a swappable shell carrier for 410, 20 gauge, and 12 gauge rounds. You could like store a shorty 300 Blackout upper equipped AR without a magazine in one as well.

Desantis Holsters 2019 Line-up

Desantis Holsters and 2019

This is a very short list of the new Desantis Holsters but was some of my favorite at SHOT Show 2019. I’m a huge fan of Desantis and hope to have a few of these in my collection by the end of the year. Keep an eye out for future reviews of these holsters.