A Diversionary Device is always a handy tool to have. From flashbangs to flares a diversionary device commonly involves a flash and noise. They can be used for a variety of purposes, but each one typically served to buy you a few seconds of time and to make an enemy look left when you’re going right. Today we are going to talk about how to make a diversionary device from a couple of lighters.


Two Lighters
Multi-Tool (Optional)

Step 1

Remove the flame guard form the lighter. Cheaper, dollar store grade lighters are pretty easy to do this too. You can do it with a fingernail. Lighters like your common BiC are a little tougher to work and this is where the multi-tool comes in handy.

Dissecting the 100 Deadly Skills - Making a Diversionary Device

Step 2

Remove the striker wheel, flint, and flint spring. The flint and spring are going to want to fly out of the lighter once the striker wheel is removed. I suggest holding it downwards facing your hand and removing the striker wheel. This way you don’t drop the flint in a pinch.

Dissecting the 100 Deadly Skills - Making a Diversionary Device

Step 3

You can discard the lighter, striker wheel and flame guard. Stretch out the spring and wrap the flint in the spring. The spring will act as your handle so ensure it stretched out enough to avoid getting burned.

Dissecting the 100 Deadly Skills - Making a Diversionary Device

Step 4

Using your secondary lighter hold the flint to the flame and allow it to heat up. In about 15 to 20 seconds the flint and likely the spring will be red hot. Once it’s red hot you are ready to go.

Dissecting the 100 Deadly Skills - Making a Diversionary Device

Step 5

To use the device, throw the diversionary device against the ground. Make sure you don’t take the time to watch your handiwork. It’s quite the bright explosion, and it’ll kill your night vision. When used, take the few seconds it gives you to move forward on an objective or to escape.

Dissecting the 100 Deadly Skills - Making a Diversionary Device

The Effects of a Diversionary Device

It is rather impressive what a little flint can do when it explodes. The diversionary device casts sparks, a bright flash, and even a small noise. It works as described in 100 Deadly Skills. This does take a little time to set up, and you’ll need to conceal your activities as you plan it. You have to ignite a flame for upwards of 20 seconds and that may give your position away if you aren’t careful.


  1. Don’t stare at the flame as you heat the flint up, that will kill your night vision. Close one eye or use your peripheral vision to observe how red the flint is.
  2. This is a Diversionary device and isn’t designed to be used during a foot chase. It distracts, can kill night vision and surprise an opponent, but it takes time to set-up so it’s perfect for when you are in a hurry.
  3. Can double as a long-range ignition device for flammable chemicals.
  4. Better lighters have bigger flints.

*Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase

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