A few months back we produced Vickers Slings in one of the coolest camo patterns – Multicam Tropic.  This pattern is awesome when used in the southeast, but doesn’t look so awesome used on a black rifle. Unsatisfied with the Multicam Tropic sling and black rifle combination, I decided to paint guns to match my slings.

Before painting your guns, we warn you to follow the steps at your own risk and to remember that guns are expensive and paint is cheap. I never use any paint finish that can’t be removed and reapplied just in case.


(image courtesy of blueforcegear.com)

(image courtesy of blueforcegear.com)

I found everything I needed at the local Walmart, except the blaster. Anyone should be able to get these items at a local variety store for about 25 bucks. Use as many or as little paint colors as you prefer to get the look you want.

Spray Paint
Spray paint is the most important material you’ll buy for this project. I’ve found that the flatter the paint, is the better the project turns out. Rust-Oleum® makes a nice Specialty Camouflage Spray paint that is very flat, but can be dusty when dry.  Krylon® COVERMAXX™ and Fusion for Plastic® spray paints are also good to use.  I haven’t found either type of paint to be more or less durable on plastic or metal parts, so I shop for color and not surface application.

I tried using both a regular kitchen sponge and a sea sponge, and found that the sea sponge produced a more open, grainier pattern I was looking for. You can find these in the bath area of a home goods store.

Plastic Plates
For paint trays, I used plastic plates found in the paper plates and goods section at Walmart.

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(Featured image courtesy of ar15.com)