My enthusiasm for sewing gear has been steadily growing since I made the Fighting Hoodie. I have planned on making a new wind-shirt kind of top for both Blue and myself, but that project is in the long haul. Meanwhile I came up with this idea of a small Every Day Carry (EDC) pouch that can hold a Field Notes sized notebook and has a large loop velcro area mainly for carrying extra patches.

The EDC Notebook cover MKI I did for Blue as a Christmas present. To be honest, I was not too happy with it. The whole manufacturing process was done in a hurry as to be in time for Christmas eve and my idea and design was not without flaws.

The MKI featured a zipper on the side, but that was actually too short for the pouch. Inside there was an black elastic band to hold the Field Notes in its place, and on the opposing side there was a few pieces for the patches. My original idea was to make a few extra attachments of hook velcro and the elastic band for EDC items like pens and batteries to be attached on the loop velcro to have different options for the carry, but that plan did not come to life, at least not yet. Overall the idea was ok, but the finish and the materials were not as good as I would have hoped them to be.

Then a few weeks after Christmas, Blue came to me and said that he had been using the MKI and liked it, but that he had come up with a few ideas to enhance the design. And so the idea for the MKII was born.

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