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Down’n’Dirty: Forward Controls All Angles Augmented Bolt Catch ABC/R-AA

Military Morons

The ABC/R-AA (Augmented Bolt Catch/Release – All Angles) is a variant of the ABC/R [note: previously reviewed here, Mad Duo] with dimples on the control surfaces instead of horizontal serrations. Everything else is the same. The horizontal serrations on the ABC/R provide traction in the vertical direction, but not so much along the direction of the serrations. With the ABC/R-AA, the dimples provide the same traction for the finger no matter the direction, hence the ‘All Angles’ designation.

The AA actually has three dimple sizes and depths; 30 dimples in total. The dimples are all enclosed within the area of the paddles; they don’t extend off the edges which would result in partial dimples. This was more of an aesthetic choice which doesn’t affect function. Comparing the original ABC/R and the AA, I found that the dimples have slightly less traction than the serrated model, in the vertical direction.

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Photo courtesy of Breach Bang Clear

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