We’ve done some ‘downtime’ stories in the past where we have written about some good times had in our respective military units. Some of the stories were what we do when bored while others were alcohol-related while on liberty either overseas or off base locally. Most stories of good times in the military had alcohol involved (I can think of several), one of which almost caused an international incident. Others may include making MRE heater bombs and carefully laying it on your buddies chest while he is racked out after a long day of training in South Korea…just sayin’. The stories can also be training or deployment-related as well, not just restricted to liberty or downtime.

Instead of the Loadout Room staff writing more stories, we thought we would take a few stories from our loyal readers and supporters. We are going to start accepting reader submitted stories. If you have a cool or funny story from your time in the military, contact us and we’ll work with you to get your story to us and published on the site.

Hit us up via our Comms Check page and let us know if you’re interested. When filling out the online form, in the ‘topic’ field type ‘military story’ and give us a brief explanation of the story in the message section. We’ll contact you to get the full story for editing and publishing.


*Photos courtesy of the author