Juliet 2 contributors include several authors whose medical experience ranges from current and veteran special operations medics, corpsman, PJ’s, physician assistants to board certified physicians.  Each contributor’s medical experience includes field experience in special operations medicine.  The Juliet 2 call sign protects the privacy of the contributors and their current patients, the sensitive nature of certain contracts they support and the special relationship these care providers have with the men and women they serve. This is an honor and a privilege.

First off let me take a minute to thank Brandon, Jack and Bill for the opportunity to contribute to SOFREP’s Load Out Room.  Our friendships, in some cases, go back all the way to BUD/S, others started in any number of forgettable locations across the globe.  Thanks for creating SOFREP and for giving us another place to use big words.

Let’s set a couple ground rules.

  1. We won’t drown you with esoteric medical bullshit.
  2. Our posts will include a general reference to the medical credentials of the author (18D, PJ, PA, MD, etc).  This isn’t about whose brain is bigger.  We all do our part.
  3. We’re the docs. We’re used to people believing everything we say. Don’t do it. Challenge us.
  4. We will tell you the medical facts, as we know them.  Half of what we tell you will be proven wrong in time.  We just don’t know which half.
  5. When there is ongoing professional debate about a medical topic, we will highlight the debate, pick a side, and defend our position until death or bedtime…whichever comes first.
  6. Nothing in these medical posts constitutes medical advice, medical practice guidelines or the opinion of your unit’s medical command.  God help you if you get that confused.

Juliet 2