If you don’t know Tim Kennedy by now, get acquainted. Tim Kennedy is currently serving as an active duty Green Beret but is probably best known for his time competing in Strikeforce and the UFC. As a fighter, Tim is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and was a middleweight contender who has stepped toe-to-toe with some of the UFC’s best fighters, facing the likes of Robbie Lawler, Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold, and Yoel Romero.

The following is a short documentary filmed by Amir Ebrahimi that displays Tim Kennedy and his uncanniness throughout his Sheepdog Response training course. Sheepdog Response aims to train military, law enforcement, and civilians to be the “hardest person someone ever tries to kill.” The course is centered around grappling, striking, firearms, medical and situational awareness skills. Tim may be advocating his training course in the documentary, but it also illustrates the mentality he has as a warfighter which makes him compelling for our readers.

Featured image courtesy of Metric Nine YouTube Channel