Effective November 18th the Department of Defense released a directive covering carrying firearms and the use of force. This has been a long time coming with the attacks we’ve seen both on military installations and recruiting offices. The Pentagon has released the detailed directive that outlines when and where personnel can carry as a means to defend against terror attacks or lone wolf attacks. You can read the directive in its entirety HERE.

Once the request has been submitted, reviewed and approved personnel will be able to carry concealed whether it’s a personal firearm or issued firearm. This will be a force multiplier, especially for our recruiting offices . Our recruiting offices are generally pretty insecure making an easy target for lone wolves, terrorists and other extremists. Hopefully word of this directive will make them think twice.

Purpose of the issuance:

  • Establishes policy and standards and assigns responsibilities for arming, carrying of firearms, and the use of force by DoD personnel performing security and protection, law and order, investigative, or counterintelligence duties; and for personal protection when related to the performance of official duties.
  • Provides guidance for permitting the carrying of privately owned firearms on DoD property by DoD personnel for personal protection purposes that are not associated with the performance of official duties.

Featured image courtesy of marines.mil