Zenith Firearms has more than 40 years of experience manufacturing roller-delayed firearms using original tooling, dies, and data. They are much more than an importer. The do extensive work with the guns before they are sold and have a cadre of expert armorers on site.

Zenith Firearms offers a wide variety of Roller lock based firearms imported from MKE in Turkey. Their most popular models are the Z5RS and Z5P pistols sporting the SB Tactical pistol brace.

MKE’s products deliver the exact performance that users of this platform have come to expect. Roller-delayed blowback firearms are known for their reliability under the most extreme conditions. Special operations personnel have employed them for decades in the harshest environments on the planet, and in the most demanding crisis situations.

The roller-delayed specialists at Zenith Firearms offer a comprehensive set of maintenance, repair, customization and DuraCoat application services for all makes and models of roller-delayed blowback firearms. As a holder of FFLs 7 and 10, and a Class 2 and 3 Special Occupational Taxpayer, Zenith is licensed to manufacture and service all NFA items.

Zenith is not a clone factory. The MKE guns are license built on the same German made tooling as German made roller-delayed guns. Zenith also has access to the original Technical Data Package. This means that they have the factory specifications, not some garage gun plumber’s micrometer reading off another gun.

This means that Zenith has quality factory parts. All of the parts, on hand ready to service your gun. No waiting, hunting or begging involved. They do the work in-house and ship it out with minimal turn around.

The armorers at Zenith have been working on roller-delayed guns of all calibers for years. That is all they do. They have factory jigs and jigs they have fabricated for special tasks. They are factory trained and highly experienced.

For a $50 fee, Zenith will inspect your firearm and identify any maintenance-related or performance-impacting problems. General labor is $80 per hour, and the fixed prices of some of our most common services are below.

A3 Stock Modification

(includes refinishing the rails in HK Black SL Duracoat)

Trigger Enhancement

(tunes trigger to 4.5-5 lbs. and reduces take-up)

Barrel Replacement

(labor only)

  1. You may have your local FFL ship us your firearm. We will ship the firearm back to the FFL at your expense. The cost of return shipping will be included in the final invoice.
  2. You may ship the firearm to us on your own via UPS or FedEx. If this option is chosen, you must comply with BATFE shipping regulations. Pistols and NFA firearms must be shipped next-day-air by UPS or FedEx. Non-NFA rifles may be shipped via ground service. Zenith Firearms will NOT accept packages that are shipped incorrectly according to their classification.
  3. You may choose to have Zenith Firearms provide the appropriate UPS shipping label. All shipping costs will be added to the invoice.
  4. Are you local to Staunton, Waynesboro, or Charlottesville, and in need of a reliable, professional gunsmith? Both Dominion Outdoors of Fishersville, VA, and Albemarle County Firearms of Charlottesville have agreed to serve as drop-off points for customers of the Zenith Custom Shop, enabling you to forgo the cost of shipping when you have Zenith service your firearm. You can call either establishment to discuss a drop off (Dominion: 540-337-9218; ACF: 434-973-0300), or just stop by during their business hours to transfer your firearm to them after completing our Gunsmithing Services Estimate Form.

IMPORTANT: Verify that your firearm is unloaded and that ammunition is not packed in the box before shipping to Zenith Firearms.

Zenith Firearms is a BATFE licensed manufacturer and importer of destructive devices (FFLs 10 and 11), and a DDTC licensed exporter and broker of defense articles. We have extensive experience on the international market and with international logistics, and we can meet your ammunition and ordnance needs in support of domestic and foreign military sales.