It may come as a surprise to most folks, but here in the United States, owning a flamethrower actually isn’t banned by federal law — that means you can technically own your own in the 48 states that haven’t passed their own restrictions on these sorts of weapons. As for “electric ducted fan jet powered fire vortex cannons,” however… you may want to check your local ordinances to be sure.

What exactly is an “electric ducted fan jet powered fire vortex cannon?” We’ll let Youtuber Jairus break that down for you, seeing as he’s built his own. Suffice to say, the final product is pretty badass.

The tunable flame tornado produced by this flame cannon wouldn’t have the same destructive effect in combat as a traditional flamethrower, but it would certainly make you the coolest guy at your town’s barbecue competition.


Feature image courtesy of included YouTube video

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