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Although this land is still the United States, the landscape is vastly different than what our grandfathers and great-grandfathers saw as they brought this nation to the world stage in the 20th century. The ever-shifting sands of public sentiment and the loss of our society’s comprehension of and faith in our Constitution should give each of us pause. We should consider what’s important in our lives and be ready to face whatever comes our way with courage and resolve. Whether it’s a foreign threat or a peril from within, each person should be capable of protecting themselves, their loved ones and their rights to property. which the labors of a finite life and time allowed each of us to have. Essentially, I’m talking about insurance, and to be more specific, I’m speaking of insurance in the form of Century Arms’ new 7.62x39mm C39v2.

Milled For Battle

The Century Arms C39v2 is a 100-percent American-made AK rifle that offers a load of premium features for a modest price. As most gun enthusiasts know, the standard AK platform is known for its simple operation and takedown process for cleaning, as well as its exceptional reliability. Century Arms started with those platform advantages and built in a suite of extras that makes this a standout rifle.

First, the C39v2’s receiver is milled from a block of 4140 ordnance steel, whereas most AK receivers (AKMs) are stamped into a sheet of steel. The milled receiver makes the C39v2 more durable, stiffer and arguably more accurate partly because of the increased stiffness. This is a rifle that can hold up to generations of use.

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Photo courtesy of Tactical Life