I’ve covered a number of different shooting drills one can do to improve their shooting speed, accuracy, and target discernment.  Today, I’d like to take a more in-depth look at one of them, “dot torture”.

This specific drill was created by David Blinder of Personaldefensetraining.com.  It’s an excellent accuracy drill that starts out at three yards and consists of 50 total rounds.  Once you are able to get a perfect score, you can either extend your distance or add time hacks to make it more difficult.  As it is, many shooters have remarked on how much more difficult it actually is, versus their expectations.  Besides simply standing and shooting, dot torture also has weak side shooting, reloads and holster draws.  It shouldn’t be the only drill you shoot, but it is an awesome example of benchmark testing to objectively and repeatedly measure your skill growth or atrophy over time.

Good shooting and stay sharp!

-Rex Nanorum