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Athlon Outdoors contributor Alex Landeen breaks down six different pieces of everyday carry gear that you should check out in Spring 2017.

SCOTTeVEST Enforcer Jacket for Everyday Carry

I have been known to be a self- proclaimed “bag nerd.” I have closets full of sling packs, backpacks, waist packs, hard-sided cases, soft-sided waterproof totes—all acquired in the name of efficiently carrying the things I need. I feel that there is a perfect vessel for every item and every situation. For this same reason I love pockets; they may be empty, but they are always full of potential. Cargo pants, for example, are a great thing, as are cargo shorts, even if some recent trends have labeled them as unfashionable. When traveling and working outdoors, having the right pocket for your gear is important. These aforementioned interests of mine are the reason I was drawn to the new SCOTTeVEST Enforcer Jacket.

This jacket is basically a sling pack’s worth of storage stuffed inside a stylish, waterproof softshell with CCW carry options front and center. Boasting 30 pockets, the designers of the Enforcer Jacket have taken into account almost every conceivable need for everyday carry, or EDC. The two front-positioned Rapid Access panels (aka front zipper pockets) have built-in straps for holstering and sub-pockets for extra magazines, as well as a set of webbing that I found handy for clipping a flashlight and/or a knife onto.

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