Ok, let’s get the name Douchebags out of the way early. I chuckle every time I say it and apparently every time I type it too. It’s a funny name and I guarantee you’ll never forget it. So I’d call it marketing genius and nothing else. I was fortunate enough to get a sample of the Aviator 40L roller last year, which I still regularly use for travel. And Douchebags was kind enough to follow up and send me three of their new complimenting travel accessories to test out.

Laptop Sleeve in the Aviator 40L

Douchebags The Proper Laptop Sleeve 13″

First up is The 13″ Proper Laptop Sleeve. Made from a luxurious lightly grained PU Leather, this padded sleeve is sure to protect your laptop or tablet in style. Precise stitching, a suede strap and a heavy-duty metal buckle with the Db logo trim out this executive case. On the interior, you’ll find a Polyester Single Jersey lining to cradle your electronic device. I use an iPad Pro 12.9″ and it’s a perfect fit in the 13″ Proper Laptop Sleeve. It would not fit my iPad Pro with a case on it, however. I’d suggest the Laptop Sleeve 15″ for that.

12.9″ iPad Pro

Douchebags The Vain Wash Bag

Up next is The Vain Wash Bag. Constructed from the same supple leather as the Laptop Sleeve, this is Douchebags rendition of a classic shave kit. Although it looks similar to the boxy shave kit I dragged all over the world while in the Army, this refined accessory is a well-made travel companion. A heavy duty zipper circles the top half of the Vain allowing easy access to your toiletries. Additionally, there is a zippered outside pocket for small items. On the inside, you’ll find plenty of room for larger items like shampoo or shaving cream. Two additional zippered pockets can be found on the inside walls for further organization. Classy touches like a metal embossed Db logo can be found on the exterior.

Vain Wash Bag

Douchebags The Expeditionist Luggage Tag

Sometimes identifying your suitcase at a busy airport baggage carousel can be difficult. Especially since so many look alike. Separate yourself from the crowd with a quality luggage tag from Douchebags. The Expeditionist is made from a durable PU Leather that holds a standard business card for identification. A heavy duty triple stitched nylon lanyard ensures that the tag will never break away from your suitcase. If you’ve ever had your luggage not show up at your destination, this little tag is the only thing that may reunite you. Last winter I had my clothes and ski equipment not show up in British Columbia for a long-awaited Heli-Skiing trip. A day before I left BC, both bags showed up. Disappointing, to say the least, but I was glad to finally get my equipment back.
Expeditionist Luggage Tag on the Aviator 40L
If you’re a traveler like I am, good luggage and travel accessories are sometimes hard to come by. Douchebags make high-quality goods with a style that’s second to none. Quality construction and materials along with tasteful details set their collection apart from the crowd. Over the holidays, I was in the TSA line at Kahalui airport and the guy in front of me also had a Douchebag product. And I finally got to say, “hey bro, nice douchebag”.