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Dougify Your Red Dots: ATEi

Breach Bang Clear News Team

Last week we ran a red dot/iron sight comparison article by Paul Gardner. In it he mentions some custom work by a company called ATEi. Those of you who follow us regularly know that many of our minions and even lesser, more wretched contributors have had their weapons “Dougified” by ATEi’s Doug Holloway, but there are undoubtedly many readers who’ve never heard of ATEi. This means, of course, they don’t know what sort of work ATEi does; particularly with regard to Red Dots.

ATEi (American Tool & Engraving, Inc.) offers MRDS (Mini Red Dot Sight) installation on pretty much every breed of pistol a reasonable person might want to shoot, i.e. SIG, Glock, FN, S&W, assorted 1911s…this isn’t to say you couldn’t Dougify your favorite Lorcin 25ACP, but we find it unlikely. As for optics, ATEi will install RMR, Deltapoint Pro, Venom, Viper, Doctor, J Point, and Shield for sure. There may be other, more esoteric optics known only to the cognoscenti, but that should be more than enough to get you started.

Note that Doug and his crew mill a specific optic to each slide, including the bosses, meaning they don’t mill straight through and tap holes for mounting screws as an afterthought. This means you’re getting a hand fitted optic on your side, which is a Good Thing — unless you want to mix and match your optics from pistol to pistol (not that we’d judge you or anything).

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