DPx Gear is at it again! After the wildly successfully launch of their DPx HEST/F Urban, an American made folder, the company is back with another new release – the DPx HEFT 12 CHOP. The CHOP, a “Hostile Environment Field Tool”, just launched last week and is currently available as a pre-order on their website.

For all intensive purposes, the DPx HEFT 12 CHOP is a beast of a blade. According to Robert Young Pelton, Founder of DPx Gear, “The CHOP is a twelve-inch piece of razor-sharp Sleipner steel that makes short work of building camp, cooking, and even self-defense.” Sleipner steel is a non-stainless tool steel used in the commercial meat processing industry and is known for higher toughness and wear resistance than some of the more “common” tools steels used in knives.

One of the things that makes the CHOP unique is the knife’s ergonomics and shape. The deeply ergonomic handle with rounded full tang flows into a front-heavy axe-like tip. With 12 inches of perfectly straight, sword grind Sleipner steel, you’ll be able to tackle a variety of tasks requiring precision work. The flat, thick spine of the CHOP is great for pounding. In addition, the two-inch tip with thicker grind works well for splitting wood while the thick tip comes in handy for ground work.

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