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All About the DPx HEST Urban Ti First Run – Made in America

The DPx HEST Urban Ti First Run
Image courtesy of DPx Gear and Jawbone Media

What you’re seeing here is one of the first run of the new DPx HEST/F Urban Titanium (hereafter, Urban Ti). This is an all-American made, all-Titanium knife built to DPx Gear’s specs by none other than Zac Brown and Southern Grind. It was designed by Robert Young Pelton of DPx gear and constructed to be what he describes as “heirloom quality.” The initial design of the Urban was limited to 100 units made available on Kickstarter and sold out almost immediately; now, after a year of use around the world to provide final input for refinement, the final version is available.

There are 300 of them available, and they’re not cheap, but they cost a lot for a reason.

Pelton, who holds 24 US and International patents, designed his first knife in 2008 after being hounded to do so by ESEE owner Jeff Randall. RYP has been (accurately) described as both explorer and adventurer, having traveled to and written about over two dozen wars. Time spent in South Sudan, Libya, and Afghanistan led to the establishment of DPx Gear as a place to provide what they describe as “real world products used in such hostile places.”

He also has several books to his credit and is a lifetime member of the RHOROBBBMA.*

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