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The 9mm has experienced quite the resurgence lately. Want proof? Look at how many 9mm 1911s are hitting the market. Myths surrounding the 9mm’s ineffectiveness are finally fading as instructors and experts have begun to rely on science rather than anecdotes, and significant improvements in bullet design are hard to ignore. You can’t deny that today’s 9mm ammo works—in pistols and carbines.

For tactical operations and home defense in close quarters, it’s hard to beat a 9mm carbine. They’re affordable, light on recoil and easy to use. On top of that, 9mm ammunition is widely available. And why not pair a fast-handling carbine with a large 9mm pistol that can support a red-dot or reflex sight? This will give you plenty of firepower and versatility while using only one type of ammo. Which brings us to the two guns I tested for this article: the Tavor SAR and Uzi Pro Pistol from IWI US, the American branch of Israeli Weapons Industries.

IWI US released the semi-auto Tavor SAR bullpup a few years ago, with the original version arriving in 5.56mm NATO with various barrel, sight and color options. I snatched up a matte black, flattop, 16.5-inch-barreled model at the earliest opportunity, and to this day, it is easily one of the most enjoyable rifles to shoot in my inventory. I’ve sent thousands of rounds through my Tavor SAR without a single hitch.

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