Those who are left-handed have always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to the availability of “lefty friendly” defensive handguns. Some that are a bit more left-hand friendly have ambidextrous safety controls like my Beretta 92, but the slide and magazine release are still set for righties. There are also some pistols that have reversible controls (usually the magazine release), but require reversing the magazine release to allow for left thumb operation. Few pistols come straight out of the box with mirror image controls for equal access by left-handed and right-handed users. The Slovakian-manufactured Grand Power P11 Compact 9mm (and its siblings) from Eagle Imports is one such handgun that has totally equal access.

The Grand Power series of pistols is an interesting amalgam of modern pistol design. It starts with a CNC-machined steel chassis that is enclosed by an ergonomic polymer frame for strength, comfort, and control. There is built-in Picatinny railing at the front of the receiver for mounting lights and/or laser sights. The steel slide is finished “black” according to the product info and has cocking serrations front and rear.

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(Featured image courtesy of coolgearSK Youtube Channel)