The majority of the population that has adopted a lifestyle of carrying are naturally going to look for gear that is made to help them merge their profession with their EDC lifestyle. Tactical functionality in everyday gear is becoming increasingly popular in the EDC community. But the problem is that the most of the time you are getting the tactical look and feel without having everyday functionality. I think First Tactical has helped by giving us an affordable EDC bag with the Summit Side Satchel. This bag comes in a couple of different colors and is loaded with little features and compartments allowing you to maximize your capacity and conceal discretely if you wish.


This bag has a length of about 13 inches with a height of 10 inches, which is too small for most laptops out there. But on the First Tactical website, they do not list this bag as a laptop bag, but rather a tablet bag. Personally, I see it as a good on-the-go or even get home bag to stash in a vehicle. In black it can be very discrete, and has plenty of capacity to hold all different types of gear. Here is just a small list of roles that this bag can take:

-camera bag

-travel carry-on

-lunch bag

-work bag

-hiking bag

-vehicle bag

-range bag


This messenger style bag is made of 1000 Denier Nylon and has 10mm closed foam padding around the inside compartment to protect the items you are carrying. They have placed Molle attachment points on the side pockets and in a couple of the internal areas for your convenience, if you choose to attach things like pouches. The inside of some of the pockets have a material that reminds me of the material that most camping tents are made out of.

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