The pant pockets. Hand-sized internal pouches in the waist and upper leg area to carry small but important items. Reach in, grab, take out, use, then reverse.

It defines convenience and accessibility. But that’s what also makes whatever pocketed item to be vulnerable to accidental loss and damaging drops.

Some pants have velcro, button or zipper closure pockets to secure them inside but with a tether, you can minimize loss or drop damage to nearly zero.

This EDC method is quite simple. It’s just about anchoring a flexibly elongating material to the pants on one end and any given item on the other.

Basically a scaled down version of an assault rifle sling or a more versatile and lightweight wallet chain.

There are countless items you can “leash” with this concept but I started doing this specifically for my smartphone carry. As a vagabond, I rarely spend a week on the same bed, ride the same vehicle or even kind of transport consecutively and do a lot of exploring.

This means “misplacing” is the same thing as “lost forever”. Whereas to most others it means they can retrieve the misplaced item later.

EDC Methods: Pocket Tether

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