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U.S. Marines are set to receive upgraded uniforms by late 2017, the service announced in a press release. The Enhanced Fire Resistant Combat Ensemble (EFRCE) updates a long-sleeve shirt and trousers with new flame-resistant material that allows the uniform to self-extinguish, which will lessen the severity and danger of burn injuries.

The new uniform was developed in partnership with the Navy and is set to be issued to Marines and Sailors who are assigned to the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command and Naval Special Warfare Command when they deploy.

“Marine Corps Systems Command conducted industry research and found that there are better and more durable materials available that did not sacrifice protection or comfort,” said John Bauer, textile technologist for Infantry Combat Equipment at MCSC. “This means that instead of issuing four uniforms to every Marine for every deployment, we can now field two that will last for the same period. This lightens the load for Marines and saves money.”

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Featured Image: U.S. Marine Cpl. Raymond Spencer a team leader with 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 7, prepares to depart the Afghan Uniform Police station during Operation Eagle in Delaram city, Helmand province, Afghanistan, April 8, 2013. Spencer was part of the security force detail for the 4th Brigade, 215th Corps Brigade Advisor Team that was conducting Operation Eagle, an Afghan-led clearing operation. |Photo by Staff Sgt. Ezekiel Kitandwe