Elite Survival Systems has produced another option for discreet firearms transportation with their Airline Transport Pack.  When law-abiding citizens need to move their firearm from point A to point B it can be an intimidating task.  Each state has their own set of rules which may or may not vary if the person transporting the firearm has a concealed carry license or not.  Further complicating transportation are the varying means of transport.

Are you driving a sedan, hatchback, or pickup?  If you must, or desire to transport in the vehicle are your windows tinted?  Will you be making stops along the way and exiting the vehicle?  The more we think about these conditions the less attractive our gun-maker labeled cases become.  Toss in the variable of airline travel and the risks seem even scarier.

Conditions like these are why Elite Survival Systems created the Airline Transport Pack.  This discreet bag looks more like a generic soft case than a firearms storage system.

While not hard-sided, or even appropriately sized for its four-handgun capacity, the last thing this pack looks like to most casual observers is a gun bag.  When stacked among other luggage it may draw the attention of those looking for electronics, but it doesn’t scream gun bag.  Inside there are two mirroring sides which provide ample space for two full-size pistols and elastic slots to secure spare magazines or accessories.  On each side dividers also protect the pistols from and oddly-shaped or potentially abrasive extras you might want to store.  The heavy-duty zippers have eyelets for locks.

I’ve handled a lot of different gun and gear bags between my time doing sneaky stuff for the government, repeated trips to shooting schools, time in 3-gun, and weekly range trips reviewing various firearms and related pieces.  The build quality of Elite Survival Systems has always been superior and this pack is no different.  I can appreciate the excessive space in this bag as it helps change the outer dimensions to something other than a screaming gun bag.  Where I find flaws is that instead of looking like a gun bag it looks more like a camera or electronics bag which may be even more enticing to criminals.  So what’s the point?

I wouldn’t assume to use this bag as complete camouflage that could be left visible on a car seat, and most airlines require hard-sided cases for transport, but I can speak from experience that this is a bag you can carry through a city without causing any alarm.  In an artistic city like my local Portland, Oregon if anyone takes any notice they’re more likely to assume you’re a photographer than a guy packing four full-sized handguns.