In the never-ending search for the right range bag to haul handguns, ammo, ear-pro, targets, a staple gun (and many other things) to the firing line with, I’ve gone through a number of different (and inadequate) bags.  Some were bigger, some smaller, but all had a deficiency that caused an unnecessary pain in the ass at the range.  Getting in the Loadout Modular Range Bag (LMRB) from Elite Survival Systems was nice because it revives the hope that I may have found the ultimate range bag.

Before I dive into my hands-on experience with the LRMB, let’s review the tech specs as provided by Elite Survival Systems’ website.

  • 1050 denier nylon construction for maximum durability
  • Closed-cell foam padding provides superior protection for your gear
  • Laser-cut MOLLE slots on front and end pockets allow for attachment of accessory pouches
  • Wrap-around handles with Velcro handle-wrap closure
  • Luggage rails on bottom of bag protect contents from harsh, uneven surfaces, keeps base of bag clean, and adds structure
  • Removable dump pouch attaches to belt and MOLLE platform
  • Exterior water bottle pocket
  • Large, fully-padded front pocket includes the following removable Velcro pouches:
  • Mag pouch holds a minimum of 8 magazines
  • Eyewear pouch
  • Mesh parts pouch with Velcro flap
  • Side pocket contains removable AR mag pouch which holds 2-4 magazines
  • Large main compartment holds at least four guns plus accessories, and has the following features:
  • Fully-padded lid opens fully down the back of the bag for complete visibility and access to the main compartment. The lid doubles as a gun mat and has a mesh document pocket
  • Lift-out insert has an adjustable divider and plenty of room for ammo and accessories
  • Pull-out pistol pouch includes a padded divider, holds at least two handguns, and is held in place with hook and loop
  • Interior handgun compartments on ends of bag are large enough to hold a full-sized handgun in each
  • Available in black and coyote tan
  • Dims: 17″ x 10″ x 11″

Elite Survival Systems: Loadout range bag

This is a pretty big bag.  Usually, that means everything ends up in a giant “catch-all” pouch.  The LRMB is the most segmented and compartmentalized range bag I’ve ever seen.  With dividers, the removable insert and pockets aplenty, some of the square inch-age is lost, though there’s still enough available for nearly every use.  The removable insert is a really handy addition.  It has the depth and strength to hold hundreds of rounds of ammo, yet you can pull it out of the range bag in a second to give you access to everything else inside.  The main pocket opening up stem-to-stern gives the shooter a makeshift work area where small parts won’t go rolling away and enables you to set a gun down without scratching up the finish.  The strap is wide and comfortable enough to hang all said weight from your shoulder.

side pouch is velcro mounted, can tear away if you want

I emptied out my usual range bag (a mid-sized Tactical Tailor unit) into the LRMB with room to spare.  I started digging around my workbench grabbing extra mags and supplies.  Besides eye-, hand- and ear-pro, I’m used to carrying around a target kit to include a staple gun, target patches, calipers and markers.  Add in a suppressor glove, a set of range tools and some basic camera equipment, and you’re nearing the amount of stuff I regularly haul to the range.  (Many shooters don’t need as much gear but I’m out testing every week and need to have all reasonable contingencies prepared for).

I need more mags…

Elite Survival Systems may not be a household name, but judging from this range bag they know how to make a good product.  The design is well thought out and the construction is solid.  For the amateur shooter a smaller, lighter duty range bag will suffice.  For someone who hauls a significant amount of ammo and accouterments, the Loadout Modular Range Bag is well worth a look.  The $159.95 price tag is a little steep, but for the shooter with a ton of kit to carry and a need to keep it organized, this is a damn nice range bag.

the collapsible dump bag (removable) is a great place to toss your picked-up brass

Rex Nanorum