A while back I was doing a good deal of fitness walking and some running and decided that I wanted to carry a pistol with me.  As my activity was taking place in a residential neighborhood I didn’t want to raise any alarms with the neighbors so decided to look at some alternative hot weather carry methods.  I live in what is typically known as a “good” neighborhood but still wanted to cover the bases by having a pistol with me. I had recently purchased a S&W Bodyguard 380 and decided that I would use that as my carry pistol.  I did a few searches for alternate carry methods for athletic activities and came across the Elite Survival Systems – Marathon Gun Pack (MGP). The MGP has a sleek low profile appearance that includes the main compartment which holds the pistol, and an outer zipper pocket that will hold your Smartphone, CCW documents, and some cash or credit/debit card.  There are also two small water bottle holders with reflective patches on them with the bottles included similar to what you see on everyday runner’s packs.

The following is the product information from the website:

This versatile concealment hydration belt is the first of its kind and performs both the duties of a runner’s belt and concealment pack well. This fanny pack gun holster is available in two sizes!

    • Constructed of Ballistic nylon and water-resistant neoprene
    • Available in two sizes includes an adjustable interior holster
      • Small pack fits most pocket pistols, including the Glock 42 and smaller firearms
      • Large pack fits most compact pistols, including the Glock 19, S&W Shield, and Walther PPS, and similar firearms
    • Adjustable velcro holster keeps a firearm in place
    • Front zippered compartment fits most smartphones and has a soft divider to protect a phone from other contents as well as a wire routing port for earbuds
    • The fully-adjustable belt fits most waist sizes, includes a quick-release buckle
    • Dual water bottles, each with 7 oz. capacity
    • Non-slip backing keeps the belt in place
    • Patented
    • Available in Black/Grey, Black/Blue, and Black/Neon Green
    • Weight: 12-13 oz

At the time I purchased mine only the small size was available, personally, I think that if you start moving into a size that will accommodate a Glock 19 you will lose the low profile appearance.  I think the small size works perfectly for its intended purpose, the trade-off is a limited selection of pistols that will fit. Price is $59.95, the MGP can be found at the Elite Survival Systems website: https://www.elitesurvival.com/ .

Author  – Art Dorst is the owner of A. Dorst Consulting & Training Services and is a Senior Consultant for LaSorsa & Associates.  He served in the U.S. Navy and  Army National Guard, and is a retired municipal Police Officer, NRA Instructor, and is currently a security provider/trainer.