Elysium Industries was founded in late 2014, by Matthew W. Shelley, a veteran of Marine Force Recon. It is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business located in the foothills of Colorado Springs, CO.

The idea for Matt’s bar came after he regularly found himself miles from anywhere, and he needed something substantial to fill his belly. Enter the Elysium Adventure Bar. As an avid explorer and amateur photographer, Matt has a passion for the outdoors.

He also realized, while working on his post-bacc premedical studies and employed as an EMT in a local Emergency Department, that he was less enthused about becoming a medical doctor and wanted to impact the active-lifestyle communities differently.

Elysium Adventure Bars From a Marine Force Recon Veteran

As a veteran of the Special Operations community he knew what it took to train well, focus smartly and eat right in order to succeed when he was mentally and physically challenged. His experience as a Force Recon Marine, his education in the health and medical fields, and his passion for helping develop people have healthful, active lifestyles gave birth to Elysium Bars.

Matthew put his energy and focus into creating homemade, natural-food bars.

Elysium Adventure Bars From a Marine Force Recon Veteran

His company is focused on making an energy bar specifically for low to moderate intensity activities.  Different activities put different metabolic demands on the body and I have found it refreshing that a few companies have started chasing the true endurance market by making products with longer burning fuels sources instead of loading them with the traditional carbs (sugar) popular in most energy products.

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