Modularity is a highly sought-after feature of many everyday carry (EDC) product categories. In the flashlight category, I don’t think anyone offers a better modular product than Elzetta. They are American-made, tough, and extremely effective.

My model A313 is now a staple in my EDC for several reasons – primarily the modularity that I previously alluded to. The A313 model features a crenelated bezel ring, standard lens, and High-Low tailcap. Elzetta offers a choice of bezel ring, lens, and tailcap for their Alpha series. This 1-cell (battery) flashlight can be customized with a Standard (smooth) or Crenellated (strike) bezel ring, Standard (balanced) or Flood (wide-diffuse beam for close range work) lens, and Tailcap options that include Rotary, Click, High-Low, and High-Strobe. They also have tailcaps available in a Remote Tape Switch with 5” cable or 12” cable.

Elzetta modular flashlights: Model A313


A favorite feature of mine is the compact size of this flashlight. The bezel is 1.15-inches wide and tapers down to 1-inch in diameter at the body. Overall length is 4.1-inches and it weighs in at only 3.6 ounces. This thing can easily go unnoticed in a pocket or bag until you need it. Even with the small footprint, this flashlight is very comfortable to hold and use – for a light or for a self-defense strike tool.

The beam reaches out to 87 meters at 415 lumens (1900 candela). With a maximum runtime of 56 minutes at full power, the life can be extended in situations where fewer lumens are needed. The High-Low tailcap on the A313 uses a click-style switch and provides a full 415-lumen output when rotated fully clockwise and tightened while offering a reduced 15-lumen output when loosened. With this, there is no need for multiple clicks to cycle through until you get the desired output. More often than not, you’ll want the high lumen option as your go-to. Temporary-on can be achieved by slightly depressing the tailcap. Full on/off clicks are easy and quiet with no clicking or snapping sound involved.

This light is a great addition to an EDC kit or for your nightstand. It does not take up much room, is durable, and provides a very tight and clean beam when you need it. Elzetta is not the cheapest option on the market (MSRP $155 for the A313) but they are built to last so you are sure to get a long life from their flashlights. Be sure to browse their online store and see what configuration makes sense for your next flashlight.

*All photos courtesy of the author