Upon opening the box and holding the Emerson Appalachian knife I immediately noticed the quality handle and craftsmanship. The handle’s designed in a way so that it locks your hand into place once you have a firm grip. This is very important for this knife since it was specifically designed for the hunter. The last thing you need to happen on your hunt or back woods adventure is to slip and slice your hand open. The first comment my wife made when showing her the knife was regarding the handle design. When holding the knife it feels like its custom tailored for my hand. Emerson Knives, Inc. puts a lot of thought into the handle ergonomics in order to reduce hand fatigue during long periods of hard use.

Emerson Appalachian Outdoorsman Knife
Gripping the Emerson Appalachian

Style of Knife: Hunting/Outdoorsman knife.


  • Overall Length – 8.7″
  • Blade Length – 3.7″
  • Blade Thickness – .125″

Type of Edge: Emerson Chisel Grind. This type of edge is extremely easy to maintain in the fieldsharpening tutorial coming soon.

Blade and Handle Materials: The blade is made from Emerson’s standard of 154CM with a stone washed finish. The handle is made from Emerson’s standard of G10. All their knife designs have been made with the same blade steel and handle material since their beginning – these materials have always worked and proven their worth time and time again. With a graceful upswept trailing point for delicate areas, enough belly for the hard work, and the Emerson ergonomic handle, this knife provides the perfect hunters package.

Emerson Appalachian Outdoorsman Knife
3.7″ Hunters Blade
Emerson Appalachian Outdoorsman Knife
G10 Handle Scales

MSRP: $244.95 Direct from Emerson Knives, Inc.

Unique Features: The knife comes with the standard Emerson Wave Opening Feature. The blade is specifically designed for hunting and processing everything from small game to large dangerous apex predators.

Application: Hunting, Survival, Camping, or any other outdoorsman activities. I’ve also heard from several people that they use this knife in their garden for pruning. Although marketed as a hunting knife, this blade would be right at home processing wood for a fire, prepping food, and all your other camp tasks and bushcrafting tasks.

Pros: Handle ergonomics and blade design. You’re getting a quality USA made product that will easily last your lifetime and be able to be passed down to the younger generation.

Cons: For some, the price tag will deter them from getting this knife. For that I say, “spend once and cry once.”

Bottom Line/Overall Performance: In the small amount of time I’ve had with this knife I have no doubts about its quality and I know it will do the job it’s been designed to do. Stay tuned for an outdoorsman skills series where I will be using the Emerson Appalachian as my primary blade to complete a list of extensive outdoor tasks.

The Appalachian is a design I developed for those of you who asked, “When is Emerson ever going to build a hunter?”  Well, I always regarded all of my knives as hunting knives.  They were just intended for another kind of animal. – Ernest Emerson