A bit of history. Carried this Emerson P-Tac for years back in the late unpleasantness. Actually met Ernest Emerson at a knife show in California when I was shopping around for a good folder to carry. My personal preferences were different back then.

Emerson Knives P-Tac

I was looking for a good balance between slash and stab. And capabilities of penetration through thick clothing and soft body armor. After a short conversation with Mr Emerson, I had to go on to the secondary market to find one since they where not being made anymore back then.

Emerson Knives P-Tac

It’s a very purpose driven blade with some interesting history. Met a few guys that gave it that history as well. Only modification I have ever felt it needed is a larger thumb disk. Gray Precision hooked me up with one of there’s and the thing has just been perfect ever since. Its one of two folders I own now. It has a lot of history.

Author – Ed is a security specialist and combatives instructor with over 10 years experience in public safety along the northern border area of Mexico. He runs seminars and private training specific to anti-abduction, escapology, free hand and unconventional edged weapons work. He is also director of Libre Fighting Systems in Mexico.

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