I don’t think I’m a knife guy. The general knives I own and buy fill a purpose and that’s usually it. I’m not on the cutting edge of the knife world. My time at the Loadout Room and reviewing knives has really opened my eyes. In reviewing knives I often get to use and abuse them. At the same time, I’m learning what they are capable of. What I’ve never had is a knife dedicated as a weapon and for everyday carry. The fixed blade knives I test would be excellent weapons but are often too large to conceal in most attire. My normal everyday carry knife is easy to carry, but isn’t a very good weapon in my eyes. However, the Emerson La Griffe is both a dedicated weapon and easy to carry. Scott Witner took a look at the knife previously, make sure you take a look at what he thought.

Emerson La Griffe | A Second First Look
Very easy for horizontal carry

Overview of the La Griffe

The Emerson La Griffe is a very small knife. It’s a fixed blade knife that is a total of 4.9 inches in length with a 1.75 inch blade. The overall thickness is .125 inches and it weighs a total of 1.5 ounces. It is an insanely simple knife, that is insanely easy to carry. The cut is razor sharp and uses a chisel grind.

Emerson La Griffe | A Second First Look
Tiny, but effective

The blade has an aggressive beak like curve to it, but it is not as dynamic as a say a Karambit blade. It’s an aggressive design that looks like it would catch, rip and tear into something or someone. The handle is skeletonized and features a circular cut out to fit your finger into it. This design makes it incredibly easy to grasp when your hands are soaking wet, cold, or gloved. Without this, the knife would be extremely difficult to hold onto.


The knife is designed by French Special Forces veteran and martial arts master Fredric Perrin. He’s also a martial arts instructor and has designed several different knives. Most of his designs are quite simple, and the La Griffe is no different.

Emerson La Griffe | A Second First Look
Quite easy to hold

The sheath is kydex and allows the knife to be worn in several different ways. It is small and light enough to be worn on a necklace for really deep concealment. Its kydex sheath has half a dozen lashing holes so it can be mounted in any which way you choose. You can also attach a leather loop that allows you to carry it via belt. This loop can be adjusted for cant and carry style. As you see, mine is rigged for horizontal carry and a right-hand draw.

EDC worthy?

My plan is to carry this knife daily for concealed carry and as an EDC knife. I also plan to do a little training with it. Try my hand with some basic moves from the very basic skills I learned from my limited knife training. I hope to have a full report for you guys quite soon.