Folding knives are like small guns, they’re a compromise. A compromise many of us make because it makes sense. A folding knife is easy to carry and you get a decent length of blade. Unfortunately, the folding action is the compromise. A folding knife relies on a locking system and, of course, you have to be able to open the knife to use it. It’s important to remember locks on folding knives can break and when they do you’re screwed. The Emerson Police Utility Knife aims to provide police, military, first responders, and the everyday Joe with a serious fixed blade knife.

Emerson Police Utility Knife - First Look

The Emerson Police Utility Knife

Emerson Police Utility Knife - First Look

The problem with fixed blade knives is they are designed to be large handled, long bladed working or fighting knives. Trying to carry one of these knives in everyday life without looking like Rambo isn’t exactly easy. That’s where the Emerson Police Utility Knife comes in. It’s superbly lightweight, and very thin, and not Rambo long. The Police Utility Knife, or PUK, is built to be an everyday carry knife for police, military and civilians. 


  • Blade Length – 3.6 inches
  • Overall Length – 8.50 inches
  • Weight – 5.5 ounces
  • Blade Thickness – .125 inches
  • Concealed Carry Knife

Emerson Police Utility Knife - First Look

While it’s not as small as a pocket knife, it’s a pretty small and lightweight fixed blade knife. It’s easy to conceal if necessary due to the awesome sheath. The sheath is kydex and comes with an adjustable clip all designed built by Blade Tech. The knife can be worn high, can be worn upside down, or horizontal. With Blade Tech’s MOLLE converter you can toss is on a war belt or plate carrier and keep going. The Belt clip is adjustable in size for different belts, but the stock setting is perfect for your average belt.

Emerson Police Utility Knife - First Look

I have a full review coming soon, but the Emerson Police Utility knife seems promising. I like the idea, and plan to attempt to carry this big beast around as a concealed carry knife. So stay tuned to see if this knife is as functional as it appears. Check out Emerson here.

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