The Seax (pronounced as a cross between sea-axe and syAX) was a medieval short blade of legend.  While the Vikings used it to devastating effect (and fame), many neighboring societies took notice and started using the distinctive shape.  One part close fighting tool and one part utilitarian cutting tool, the Seax was a daily part of Viking life whether in battle or not.  Leave it to iconic blade-master Ernie Emerson to bring the Seax to the aerospace age.

The Emerson Seax features a 3.9″ blade in the distinctive “reverse-tanto” style of the original blade.  This conventionally V-ground blade is constructed from 154CM steel, which is well-regarded as a great all-around steel for blades.  The black G-10 handle scales and titanium liner-lock make up 5.1″ of the overall 9.1″ length.

Emerson Seax

An addition that’s unique to Emerson’s knives is the patented “Wave” feature.  For the uninitiated, there are two primary ways to open up this blade in a hurry:  you can use the thumb stud (or wheel as it were), or you can use the wave.  The Emerson Wave is the little hook on the top ridge of the blade just prior to the blade hitting the handle.  As you draw, this hook grabs your pocket and flips the blade open near-automatically.  For those concerned, yes it is possible and easy to draw without engaging the Wave.  Check out this video:

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While some manufacturers like to play it safe and send out their blades with a good-but-not-great edge, Emerson has gone all-out.  This Seax is easily one of the sharpest factory blades I’ve even encountered, leaving me with a big bald patch on my arm in one pass.  Well done to the shop techs at Emerson’s factory right here in the USA.

Emerson Seax
Locks up TIGHT

Yes, the Seax is a big, damn knife.  It dwarfs my casual carry blades by a good margin.  Most blades are designed around daily use, but could be put into a defensive role if absolutely necessary.  Emerson’s Seax is meant to perform much like Erik the Red’s might have: great for fighting and great for whatever else you have planned for the rest of the day after crossing the broad loom of slaughter.

Emerson Seax

The Seax is not made for someone who might happen upon the chance to carve an apple.  It is made for those who are committed to carrying a serious knife, intended for serious use. Was I still serving in the 2nd Ranger battalion, this is just the kind of knife I’d want while deployed.  As a civilian, this is the knife I will be carrying as well.  The Seax has an MSRP of $249, but can be found as a pre-order for $229.  Check it out!

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-Rex Nanorum