The Emerson Super Karambit is one hell of a weapon. This blade design is vastly different from your everyday carry blade. Although you can use the karambit for some utility tasks, it’s not meant to be. It’s true calling is as a defensive edged weapon. Due to the ring on the end of the handle, the karambit can also be used as a non-lethal impact weapon. For a demonstration of karambit work by a Kali edged weapons expert go HERE.

The beauty of this design is that it allows you to escalate force, starting with the non-lethal impacts. By holding the karambit (closed) with your index finger in the ring, you can strike your opponent with more of an impact or use the ‘dusting’ technique on your opponent’s forearms. If the non-lethal impacts are not enough, then you have the option of escalating to lethal force, by utilizing the wave opening feature to deploy the blade from either your clothing or your opponent’s clothing.

I have been carrying the Emerson Super Karambit in both my strong side pants pocket and inside the waistband. The karambit is easily deployed from either, but it does require some practice to become proficient in deploying the blade from inside the waistband. Check out the following video of me demonstrating how fast the karambit can be deployed from both positions.


I recommend that you get a karambit training blade to practice the draw strokes and different strikes. Another piece of training gear that I have recently started using for blade training is the shot timer. By setting a par time on the shot timer you can practice quickly deploying your blade under a time constraint. By practicing with your blade regularly you will develop muscle memory making the deployment automatic if you ever have to draw it on another person under stress in defense of your life.

Emerson Super Karambit specs (courtesy of

Black G-10 epoxy / glass laminate
Aerospace grade Titanium
154 CM
Black or Satin
Chisel Grind
Overall Length 8.0 in.
Blade Length 3 in.
Blade Thickness .125 in.
Hardness 57-59 RC
Finger Hole Diameter