One of the most important upgrades you can consider for any target or match pistol will be the trigger. The Smith and Wesson “Victory” .22 target pistol already comes with a great factory trigger, but I’ll explain why the TANDEMKROSS (TK) “Victory” trigger should be on your “To Buy” list.

First, a short blurb on “Trigger Control”, this term describes the process of how you want to operate your trigger while minimizing any disturbance to your aim. The more effort/muscle movement a person exhorts during the trigger pull, the more likely their accuracy will suffer. This is a commonly overlooked aspect for new shooters, they likely are not slow and smooth at pulling the trigger straight to the rear with minimal interference to the sight picture/aim.

The TANDMKROSS “Victory” Trigger has been designed to effectively support  your “Trigger Control”.

Enhance Trigger-Control With The TANDEMKROSS SW22 “VICTORY” Trigger

FLAT SERRATED FACE: Above you can see that the TK “Victory” Trigger has a flat face, this supports your finger to know exactly which was is perfectly to the rear and you can feel it along the serrated front edge. This serrated front edge also grips your finger better than a smooth surface as shown on the comparison to factory-trigger picture below.

ADJUSTABLE PRE-TRAVEL and RESET: There are two holes, one at the top of the trigger and one at the bottom of the face. The screws provided for each of these will allow you to adjust the distance needed to pull the trigger, and the distance required for the trigger to “reset”. With  minimal effort during install you can get this adjusted to very short pulls with a quick reset. This obviously allows you to shoot faster but the small pull distances also allow you to quickly take the shot during perfect sight pictures.

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