If you’re like one of the many people who enjoy a great cup of coffee regardless of where you are, then look no further than the Steel Toe french press mug from Planetary Design. This is an absolutely awesome mug that every coffee lover should have. The 20oz mug is durably crafted, featuring a double wall insulated design that will keep your drink hot for hours. My version has black non-slip textured paint, but they also come in blue or stainless steel. There is a round rubber pad on the bottom of the mug so it will securely grip whatever surface you sit in on, whether it’s a tree stump or a coffee table.

Enjoy coffee on your next adventure with the Steel Toe Coffee Press from Planetary Design

The press feature of the mug is very easy to use. Planetary Design recommends that you hand wash the mug and press before each use. After washing your mug you put coarsely ground coffee of your choice into the mug, 2 tablespoons per 8oz of coffee is recommended. Next, you add almost boiling water into the mug, a small amount at first to allow to coffee to “bloom” then continue filling to the desired level, leaving enough room for the lid and press assembly. After filling with water you then add any cream or sugar if desired then place the lid assembly onto the mug. You then allow the coffee to steep for three to five minutes before you slowly and smoothly press the plunger down to the bottom of the mug.

Enjoy coffee on your next adventure with the Steel Toe Coffee Press from Planetary Design

The unique bru-stop feature of the mug creates a physical barrier between the coffee and grounds which halts the brewing process which stops the brewing process and prevents your coffee from becoming bitter and over extracted. The mug can be used for drinks other than coffee such as tea, cocoa, and mate. The steel toe mug is a great product whether you’re using it in your home, office, or a trip into the woods you will not be disappointed with the product. It is also a great size and will easily fit into the side water bottle pocket of hiking packs, so its easy to tote around through the woods.

Author – Cameron Paidousis is a former Police Officer and is a current member of the Air National Guard where he serves in Security Forces. For his civilian job, he works as a security contractor for the U.S. Government. When not working he enjoys spending time with his family along with kayaking, hiking, and traveling.

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