I guess all of the depleted uranium and lead we’ve been firing overseas in recent conflicts has got our government concerned.  According to Washington, the The Army is switching from lead bullets in many small-caliber arms to “environmentally friendly” rounds.  The new green bullets will slowly start to replace the M855 (5.56 mm) and the 7.62 mm.  The M855, which was designed in the 70’s, will be replaced by the environmentally friendly M855A1 (green bullet) which is 100% lead free.

For those of us who have used the standard M855 ammunition on live targets, most of us would agree that it lacks the “punch” to put a target down as fast as we would like, often taking more than 3 rounds to incapacitate a threat.  The new “green bullet” is currently being tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.  The new round claims to be deadlier and faster than the Army standard issue 5.56 mm.

If the new projectile packs a deadlier punch than what we are being issued in combat, I have no issue with the new “green bullet”.  I just hope that it holds up to its claims, I don’t think we could use anything with “knock down” than the M855.  The Army predicts “the use of green 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm ammunition could eliminate the purchase of 3,683 metric tons of lead between 2013 and 2018.”