I’ve had the ESEE 4 for a few weeks now, and it’s been a near constant companion on my adventures. It’s too large for everyday carry, but perfect for every adventure carry.  I’ve taken fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and exposed it to salt water, and barely cleaned it and not a touch of rust is to be found. It’s been with me on a volunteer search and rescue where I used it to destroy some thick vines to make crossing a wire fence a little easier. Even after heavy work my hands remained unfatigued and cramp free. I decided to throw the ESEE 4 at a few other tasks I’ve used knives for in the past.

Can it Cut?

Rest assured this bad boy can cut through anything the average user will need. It’s sharp enough to easily cut through a piece of paper with a single light slice. In the last few weeks I’ve used the knife to break cardboard boxes down, cut through cord and rope as well are natural foliage. The thick blade makes it easy to gain some leverage with your thumb and cut through thick and dense material. As a slashing tool it rips through cardboard with ease. Unfortunately it’s not hunting season and Florida, as the ESEE 4 would make an awesome game dress knife.

Can it Dig a Hole?

Oh it most certainly can. Numerous times in my knife carrying career I’ve dug small holes with a knife when necessary. I’ve mostly restricted this to a burying tent poles in hard or frozen dirt. I dug a small pole to set up a target on my range and used the knife. Using a knife is probably the least efficient method of digging, but in a pinch it’s better than your hands. The plus side is that the Esee 4 absolutely ripped through ground vegetation and through roots like a freight train. The finish was untouched even after diving headfirst into sand over and over.

ESEE-4 Fixed Blade Knife Review
Digging a small hole in the ground

Can it break Ice?

Fort Pickett is my personal hell. Some years ago I found myself chipping away at ice in January at Pickett and I remember distinctly bending the tip of a knife from a maker who shall not be named. I live in Florida so it’s unlikely I’ll ever have to split ice, but I was curious to see what would happen. So I froze an orange juice carton full of water and busted in out. After cutting away the cardboard I attacked it with the knife. The ice bowed to the whim of my small, but mighty blade. In a few strokes I broke into a half dozen pieces. The tip of the blade is perfectly fine.

ESEE-4 Fixed Blade Knife Review
Breaking Ice with the tip of the blade

Special Price For MIL and Leo

I’ve also become aware that Randall, the maker of the ESEE series of knives and survival gear offer special price for military and LEO. I figured a few of our readers fall into that category, so contact Randall or ESEE and make sure you get the best pricing possible.

Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest this knife to any hunter, camper or wilderness enthusiast. It’s strong, simple, easy to use, and capable of more than I thought. The price is hard to beat for an American piece of steel.

Crafted from the highest quality materials
Built for performance and durability
Made in United States