ESEE is doubling down at Blade Show this year with back-to-back fixed blade reveals. The PR4 joins ESEE’s popular Camp-Lore series, and the Junglas-II brings the company’s famous special forces tool into a smaller size category.

Patrick Rollins is the Lead Instructor at ESEE’s School of Survival and the man behind the PR4 – or one of the men. He based the PR4, his very first knife design, on the classic knife pattern of Horace Kephart, a famous early American survivalist and writer. Rollins describes the PR4 as simple and effective. A 4-inch 1095 spear point blade is designed for just about any kind of outdoor cutting task. “People are drawn to it out of nostalgia,” Rollins says of the design, “But once they start using it they see that it’s simple but it works.”

ESEE Doubles Down at Blade Show 2017

Kephart’s knife has a long legacy. ESEE and Rollins are definitely not the first to try their hand at a variation of this pattern. Rollins’ tweaks are simple but have an impact. He chose to go with a thinner blade stock for better cutting ability, and says that the manufacturing and materials will close the gap and help the PR4 distinguish itself from the pack. “It’s not that the design is that drastically different, but the heat treat and quality control and our warranty make it stand out.”

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