With the oader), you can fill your pistol magazines in under 10 seconds directly from ammo tray or with loose ammo. Portable and compact, the C.A.M. fits in a pocket or range bag. Made in the USA, ETS gives the C.A.M. a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

C.A.M. pistol loaders come in four variants: C.A.M.  Loader Pistol .380, C.A.M. Loader Pistol 9mm/.40 cal., and C.A.M. Loader Pistol .45 to work with almost any double-stack or single-stack pistol magazines.

I am always skeptical about new products. I first heard about the C.A.M. Universal Loader from my buddy Dave. Dave is a national ranked 3-gun shooter. He shoots a lot and loads many, many magazines. There was a guy in his squad at a match who had C.A.M. loaders. Dave used them at the match and immediately bought his own. Dave is pretty savvy, preferring to spend money on ammo not gimmicks. When he spent money on this, it got my attention.

I got a 9mm/40 C.A.M. and went to work. I watched the video and lubricated the loader just like ETS said. I started with my new ETS magazines in my AR carbine. The first couple of trys were less than perfect, just as ETS predicted. As I continued shooting, the loads became faster and eventually went smoothly. Pistol magazines require the rounds to be inserted past the lip and then pushed back until they are seated. The rounds are inserted into the magazine off of a feed ramp,this is where a little lubrication helps.

The magazines I used on the range were a mixed bag of ETS, Glock OEM, KCI and Magpul. It worked with all of them. ETS says that in all of their testing, the only 9mm or .40 pistol mags that did not work with their loaders are STI 2011, Taurus PT709 mags, and Walther CCP mags.

I used ball ammo from Armscor and Winchester as well as hollow points from Speer with good results. ETS conducted extensive testing with many brands of ammo and claims the loader works with all ammo tested.

I like to load the first part of the mag with ten, then load five at a time until full. ProTip: when the loader seems to jam, the mag is probably full, keep track of how many rounds you loaded. It is easy to pick up the exact number of rounds you need. I find with five rounds the feel is better and I can control the extra pressure with my grip.

ETS designed the C.A.M.loader so that a petite woman would be able to fully load a standard capacity pistol magazine. As the round count goes up the tension needed to load goes up as well. According to ETS, everyone should be able to fully load standard capacity mags, and most people will not have any trouble fully loading a 30 round mag.

New – GEN II Loader Features

  • Self centering of the feed lips for both single and double stacked mags.
  • Easier mag insertion
  • Compatible with more mags

There are a couple of tricks to make the CAM work better:

New mags and loaders will be a little stiff but quickly break in after being loaded a few times and become a lot easier to plunge.

Make sure the rounds are perpendicular to the tracks before plunging so they don’t bind.

Always rotate the C.A.M. so that the rounds are pointed up, then push against your chest to plunge the rounds. The loaders do not work as well when the rounds are pointed down.

Always oil the loader as recommended in the ETS photo below. Oiling the loaders will help them operate much easier.

ETS CAM ammo loader: Load it, shoot it, load it again

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Loader Features

  • Load your 9mm and .40 caliber mags in under 10 seconds!
  • Universal loader works with virtually all brands of pistol magazines, double or single stack.
  • Load magazine directly from ammo tray or with loose ammo.
  • Loader does NOT damage feed lips.
  • Portable and compact. Easily fits in your range bag or pocket.
  • Made in the USA and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY


If you are shooting over 100 rounds at the range, the range time you save will pay for the loader many times over. The C.A.M. works as advertised and is warrantied for life.

You can get your very own C.A.M. Loader for Pistol Mags HERE  MSRP $29.99


Photos courtesy of the author and ET

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