The concept of everyday carry (EDC) is something that most if not all of our readers are familiar with, and most likely already implement in their daily lives in one form or another. EDC is the principal of always having the pieces of gear on your person (or at least quickly accessible), that you believe are critical for operating in your normal day-to day environment.

It’s important that we define what I mean by “operating” here, because I’m talking about everyone and anyone on the spectrum from soccer mom to someone on a personal security detail (PSD). By “operating”, I’m simply referring to the methods (tactics) and mindsets someone uses to navigate their daily life, the things they do and the places they go. Their EDC will be dictated by what they expect to encounter daily, the tools they will expect to need (like flashlights, folding knives, multi-tools or an epipen for instance), and in some cases, life saving devices that they may only need in extreme situations, like weapons or tourniquets. The type and amount of gear will often be dependent on the person’s job, their experience and their philosophy of use for the specific tools they want to have ready.

With that long-winded intro out of the way, I want to talk about a great piece of gear that has become a core component of my EDC and provides key benefits that suit my lifestyle. Raven Concealment Systems (RCS) is a big dog when it comes to making kydex holsters; I have two  myself and can attest to their quality. In 2015 they released a small accessory which they called the Moduloader Pocket Shield, which was developed by Chris Fry of MDTS training. I’ve been using the pocket shield every day for over a year now and I can highly recommend it to anyone who lugs around a plethora of EDC items in their pockets. The stated purpose of the pocket shield is to provide a secure, modular platform to carry the smaller pieces of your EDC discretely and consistently in the front pocket of your pants, including jeans and dress pants, without printing or showing the clips on the front of your pockets.


The Pocket Shield allows you to attach items of your choosing at various orientations, and is designed to stay in place in your pocket, allowing you to keep your EDC items mounted at a consistent orientation, facilitating easy access and fast draws for defensive implements. It is made out of a flexible, durable plastic that conforms to the curve of your leg, so its pretty comfortable to wear in most pants, and its easy to trim if you really want to custom shape it. The mounting slots allow users to attach a variety of items in different orientations using whatever attachment method you choose, creating a single piece of kit that you can customize to hold all of your pocket EDC items in a single, organized package. The RCS website advertises the ability to mount holsters for small guns or edged weapons to the pocket shield as well, however I have not tested that method yet myself, and the pocket holsters for sub-compact guns I have used in the past worked well on their own.

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