What do you consider to be the best, everyday concealed carry ammo for your handgun and why? Does it have a tendency to over-penetrate a soft target? What do you take into consideration when choosing the type of ammo that you carry?

These are only a few of the questions that you should ask yourself before capping off your magazine and carrying it into society.

There are a few great options to choose from when discussing this topic, but what I’ve found to be one of the best and is used by our Federal Agents, various high-risk units, etc., is the Speer LE Gold Dot Duty Ammo (.40 S&W). Each Gold Dot bullet is individually engineered to provide shot-to-shot uniformity. Will your ammo perform when shooting through a barrier such as a windshield, car door, etc., and still deliver the desired amount of kinetic energy to disable a threat? After seeing this ammunition perform under these circumstances, I know the Gold Dot performs exceptionally well.

Of course, ball ammo will perform and penetrate through various barriers and deliver a good amount of energy to the target, but as we know, ball ammo has a reputation for over-penetration, something that may not always be the best answer in a self-defense shooting engagement.

The Gold Dot ammo also gives the shooter the comfort and satisfaction of knowing that each round will perform as advertised, and provides the ultimate defense in lethal force confrontations.

Velocity in Feet Per Second (155 GR)

Muzzle: 1200
25: 1124
50: 1063
75: 1014
100: 974

Energy in Foot Pounds

Muzzle: 496
25: 435
50: 389
75: 354
100: 326

*featured image courtesy of Speer Ammo Facebook page