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Beretta hosted its second Tactical Summit Feb. 14 and 15 at the O’Gara Training Center in Virginia, where industry insiders got an exclusive look at the Beretta APX.

The APX was the centerpiece of the Beretta Tactical Summit 2.0 and for good reason, as it represents a refocusing of Beretta’s attention toward the tactical market.

The slogan that Beretta has adopted for the APX is only three words long, but it carries a substantial message: “Win the fight!”

The implication is clear: If you have a fight that you need to win, the APX is the tool you want in your hand to help make that happen. So far, my limited but positive experience with the Beretta APX leads me to believe that the APX delivers on Beretta’s slogan.


The Beretta APX, as it currently exists, is a duty sized, modern striker-fired handgun chambered in 9mm and 40 S&W. The barrel length of the APX is 4.25 inches and the trigger is a wide, flat faced design that is housed in an oversized trigger guard to accommodate gloved fingers. Its trigger features a tab safety and performs well with a 6-pound, relatively clean, relatively crisp press.  The APX operates off a tilt barrel, locking breech and incorporates a push button that allows the user to deactivate the striker system so that disassembly can take place without pressing the trigger.

The core of the APX is a stainless steel, serialized chassis. It is this chassis system that allows the APX to achieve its modular nature.

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