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When it comes to marketing a product, the typical approach is to focus on the features and benefits of the product. It isn’t a surprising angle. The physical performance features of a product are easy to quantify and communicate. As a result, the design and manufacturing process is often driven by this marketing focus. When it comes to the latest kitchen appliance or a child’s toy, I’m good with that approach. But when we’re dealing with the design and manufacturing of a defensive handgun, I say, “No thanks!” And based on my recent experience at the Beretta Tactical Summit 2.0, it’s easy to see that Beretta and I are on the same page.

Beyond Ordinary

Exclusive Report: Running & Gunning the Beretta APX at an Insider Training Event

The Beretta Tactical Summit 2.0 took place in mid-February of 2017 at the O’Gara Training Facility in Montross, Virginia. The Summit brought together a dozen gun writers with key staff from Beretta. The goal was to explore the Beretta brand, the new Beretta APX pistol and the recently released Tikka T3x TAC A1 bolt-action rifle.

The folks at Beretta were kind enough to take care of everything we needed for the 2.5-day conference. Beretta exceeded our needs from travel and lodging to food and drinks. On the range, our host provided firearms and ammo along with Raven Concealment Systems holsters and magazine pouches for the Beretta APX.

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