What we are taking a look at in this article is the smaller NANO size candleTIN made by EXOTAC. The Nano is a compact lightweight tea candle that provides 4 hours of burn time. Although these are small candles, they are very versatile and more than just a small candle. Let’s take a look at some simple uses for the candleTIN Nano.

  • The obvious use of the candle is to produce light. 4 hours of light to be exact.
  • Provides a source of heat. Although the candle is small, it can be paired up with a survival blanket. Light one of these small candles and huddle around it with the blanket wrapped around you. The blanket will trap the warmth the candle puts off and reflect it back to your body. This may come in handy in an emergency where you risk going hypothermic.
EXOTAC candleTIN Nano
EXOTAC candleTIN paired with an SOL Emergency Blanket

  • Can help get a fire going in inclement weather. If the tinder and kindling you have available to you are considered to be marginal due to rain or snow, you could light one of these candles and put it at the base of your fire (giving you a constant flame) to help heat up and dry out the kindling. Once the kindling is burning on its own, you can remove the candle from the base of the fire.
  • Since the candles are made from beeswax you can use the wax as lip balm or as a protective layer for small cuts and scrapes. Beeswax is an all natural resource that is good for the skin and contains vitamin A.

Once the candle has been fully used you have a reusable tin for several uses. You could use the empty tin to make char cloth for starting a fire. Although this is more of a primitive method, it’s a fun skill to learn and know for survival.

Features (courtesy of exotac.com)

  • 100% beeswax Tealight candle
  • 3 candles per pack
  • 4hr burn time per candle
  • Screw on lid protects candles in transit
  • Premium beeswax burns hotter and longer
  • Reusable tin
  • Made in the USA

There is no reason not to purchase a pack of these and throw them in your go bag, hiking kit or emergency survival kit. EXOTAC makes other great fire starting items that would be a great addition to any survival kit. Head on over to their website and check it out for yourself.


Fire starting is one of the most important activities necessary for survival. Fire is used for everything from warmth and cooking to light, safety, and comfort.

While fire starting may be easy at home, the task in a camping, survival, or other extreme environment can be challenging without the proper tools for the job.