Often, small everyday items can be overlooked as part of a daily carry loadout. While the company may be more familiar to our readers for their fire-starting tools, EXOTAC’s FREEKey Slim System offers a simple but vastly improved key ring system when compared to traditional key rings. Generally, once someone has a key on a key ring it is there for the long-haul. But if you find yourself managing a large number of keys or frequently changing keys out, you will be happy to try out the FREEKey system.

What exactly is the EXOTAC FREEKey Slim System? It is a high-grade stainless-steel key ring that has a strategically placed bump in one of the ring loops, which creates a pivot for opening the end of the key ring. It prevents having to pry it apart with your fingernail. Instead, you just press to open. It may seem small, but it not only makes adding and removing keys easier, it also helps with key organization. Again, if you have a lot of keys or frequently change them out, this system is worth a look.

EXOTAC FREEKey Slim System | Easy key removal and organization

The FREEKey system comes with 3 accessory key rings, and a pack of 5 spare key rings is available on the EXOTAC site. The accessory rings are smaller rings that allow you to organize your keys in groups that can be swapped out on the master ring with very little effort.

For situations where a quick release option is needed, EXOTAC offers a BMQR .380 magnetic quick release that resembles a .380 bullet. It is intended for people who have multiple cars they want to easily swap keys for, valet-only car keys, or a SOG key-knife that can be easily deployed. It provides great magnetic retention and I’ve not experienced any issues with it coming apart accidentally. It is secure and looks great.

Swedish designed but American made, the EXOTAC FREEKey system offers great organization and accessibility to your keys or keychain accessories.