Matches have been in existence for a long time and are an extremely easy to use method for starting a fire. That is if your matches are in one piece and have not absorbed too much moisture. In my personal survival kit I always have the UCO Storm Proof Matches, typically inside the plastic case they came with or a small zip lock bag.

I recently upgraded my match case to the Exotac MatchCap XL for a few reasons. Let’s take a closer look at those reasons in the following video.

From the Exotac website:

  • Same reliable design as the MATCHCAP™ original
  • Larger, improved striking surfaces
  • Waterproof, safe and redundant match striker design
  • Replaceable striking pads
  • Works with both safety and strike anywhere matches
  • Straight-walled inside diameter for easy access
  • Scalloped body allows easy match removal
  • Larger diameter and height for increased capacity
  • Holds matches up to 2.9″ in length
  • Square threaded cap for maximum durability
  • Waterproof to depths >5 meters
  • Lightweight aircraft grade 6061 aluminum construction Anodized and laser engraved for durability
  • Unique knurl for grip and use with strike anywhere matches
  • Made in the USA