Sometimes I find some interesting new products to try out that don’t have much info on them available. The Exotic Products 12 Gauge Ripper shells are no exception to that. As soon as I found out that these Ripper shells had steel tacks inside them I knew I had to see what kind of damage it could do. Check out my video to see exactly what these hellish shotgun shells are like.

AuthorWes Nanny served in the Marine Corps. I did 8 years as a grunt being a team leader and squad leader. I deployed to Sangin, Afghanistan in 2010-2011 with 3rd battalion 5th Marine Regiment. After that, I stayed with that unit and went on the 15th and 31st MEU’s. In my spare time when I’m not with my family, I like to climb, shoot, and hike. I stay very current on firearms and fear of all sorts. I also did some side work with custom kydex for the last two years.